Cheap Paint???


A higher quality paint product is one of those things in my belief that is worth spending more money on. For the final result overall look and length of lifespan before fading, cracking or peeling I think that spending 5 to 10 more dollars per gallon for a better quality paint makes it much more worth the labor to put it on. Every paint dealer has a range of paint choices usually from $10 per gallon on the way up to $80 per gallon. I always choose an interior wall paint that retails for at least $35 per gallon.


I like to go for the best when it comes to trim and door paint which usually cost me about $60 per gallon. I personally am a fan of Sherwin-Williams Paint products. We also purchase all of our tape, plastic, texture machines and other miscellaneous items at Sherwin-Williams. I choose Sherwin-Williams because of their many convenient locations, attentive customer service, contractor discounts and several seasonal discount promotion programs that allows me to buy in bulk and take advantage of big savings on products that I regularly purchase.

After trying several different options over the years my current favorite flat White ceiling paint is something that we purchase at Home Depot in a 2-gallon container which is bright white “Behr” brand ceiling paint. In my opinion, this paint is worth $35 per gallon and when it’s purchased in the 2-gallon container, it comes out to be about $18 per gallon. For any type of Lanai or exterior area that has a drywall ceiling, we prefer to use a Sherwin-Williams brand paint called A100 semi-gloss. This is a much better paint for protecting Drywall surfaces that are exposed to the elements of the weather such as humidity changes.

Nick James Drywall averages 600 gallons of paint per year and this has been your inside scope of how we select certain paints for certain projects to produce Florida’s Finest Finishes!

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