I watched a lot of movies growing up and I remember seeing that larger-than-life nun holding a ruler, smacking the slouched over kid, and complaining about his posture. 


Framing is the backbone of all drywall installs, and one of my biggest pet peeves. If not done correctly, it can cause all kinds of posture issues with your house.

A lot of time is wasted when crooked cuts need to fit exact, so the drywall sits snug to crooked framing in order to make it appear straight. I’m a perfectionist. I treat your walls as if they are my walls, so I take whatever time necessary to correct these issues and make it look good for you. But the extra time can result in all kinds of added expenses.

So what can you do to fix your home’s posture?

To make things simple, if you are not a professional, leave the framing to the experts.

Precision cuts and framing matter. Without these, you can only expect a longer repair time—and an increased budget.

There are a lot of things I can help you save money on during renovations. Hidden costs could be one of them. Trust me, getting whacked by nuns or poor framing hurts. In the long run, you and your wallet will be grateful.

When you’re ready to see what can be done for your home’s posture, give us a call or contact us below for a no-obligation free estimate.