It’s time for the professional…

So you’ve put up some drywall, taped and mudded the areas what’s next?  When it comes to drywall finishing and texturing, it is one of those things you should definitely leave to the professionals.

I have personally never seen any drywall finishing or texturing from anyone that has done it less than a hundred times that looked the way it is supposed to look.  If someone is confident with measuring, cutting and installing drywall pieces, this can usually be done by a handyman, but the finishing and texturing take much more experience.  Put drywall mud in the wrong hands and it becomes incredibly difficult to make the walls and ceilings look right again.

 Take this advice from a company that gets several calls a month with requests to come to fix drywall finishing mistakes left behind costing the homeowner more than it should it if was simply left to the professional.

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