Updating Tips for Weekend Warriors

So you’re interested in starting on your home project but your not sure where to start, well here are some tips that might get your creative juices flowing.

Well let’s start with basic and cheapest change and that is simply cleaning up the area or maybe it’s time to rearrange the room.  It costs you nothing unless your ready to upgrade the furniture, don’t forget you can always swap furniture from other rooms.


Another fairly inexpensive alternative is wall art either purchased or made and is a great way to update a room and is fairly simple for the average person.

Have you ever thought of upgrading your ceiling fans or light fixtures?  Depending on the fixture this can be a fairly cheap or fairly expensive project depending on your personal taste. This is usually well within the average person’s ability but with all things electrical shut of the breaker box before starting on your lighting projects.

This drywallers recommendation is painting,  another alternative and fairly cheap renovation that and can totally change a room.  Have you ever thought of an accent wall??  Remember to use a high-quality paint with primer or if you want the best overall look, use a primer and then paint.

Anyone of these projects whether rearranging to painting, upgrading new fixtures or even hanging new artwork can update any environment and is fairly simple for the weekend warrior.

Whatever you choose, have fun with your project and if you choose to go further with your home projects contact us below, for your FREE estimate.