We’ve all heard it before. “This wallpaper is so outdated. It’s making my home look old.” While tearing it all off sounds like a good idea for a simple weekend project, it can quickly turn into a bigger headache than you think.

Many homeowners have removed their own wallpaper, only to quickly realize they are waaaay over their heads. 

They usually buy tools they probably won’t ever use again. Then, as they remove the wallpaper, they may uncover holes or make a few new ones themselves, leading to another project they’ll have to fix next weekend. On top of all that, the mess made during the process is typically not contained and cleanup can be long and tedious.

What homeowners don’t realize is once the wallpaper has been removed—and in order to get the walls ready for paint—they will also need to skim coat all the imperfections and spray the walls with matching texture.

In most wallpaper removal cases, it’s very important that the repair process is left to the professional. The cost of the complete job by us will not only save you time and money but also save you the aggravation of an incomplete weekend project. {side note: what is the estimated time on something like this? I know each room is different, but if it only takes a day or two, maybe equate that with the same time as a weekend project but you get your weekend back?}

Are you ready for a little help with your wallpaper removal project? If so, give us a call or contact us below for your free, no-obligation estimate and get your weekend back.